This is a Page i created about Flashpoint Storm Chasing Lady Gaga! 

Those are my Hobbys!:) 

I'm a "Storm Chaser" and a Flashpointler too, and a Gaga Fanaticer! I created this page also for showing my Passion! I explain how to understand Storm Chasing. I Share my Passion about Flashpoint with a lot of other Fans! And they are welcome anytime! If you have any Questions, Please Contact me: https://twitter.com/HeavenlyEdge

Storm Chasing - Is a passion, that goes around the World, the home place of Storm Chasing is Central USA "Tornado Alley" It means, you drive 100.000th Miles per season, to catch a Thunderstorm "Tornadoes" The Storm Season Begins each year April, 1st and ends July! More than 800 Tornados across the Central USA from South Dakota down to Oklahoma. And Profesional Storm chasers like "Reed Timmer, Josh Wurman, Sean Casey" try to intercept these Powerful Storms, to get Datas, how a Storm/Tornado Works. I am just a Little Chasers, Pic by me! You will learn more about them soon! 

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